New Referee Pro
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Referee Pro

Referee Pro has been carefully developed with the aid of top referees in order to comply with official FIFA guidelines and their needs.

First mobile DRSS
Digital Referee Signal System

Referee Pro

Referee Pro aims to be the reference DRSS for referees not only at an official and professional level, but also among amateur users who want to track, share and gather fun stats on their games.

One Piece
All you need, on a smartphone

Referee Pro

Referee Pro is a single tool to take notes, mark fouls, report live statistics, and show red and yellow cards

Referee Pro "mobilizes" Soccer in Mexico.

Referee Pro, the system that replaces the Soccer Referee's standard notebook with a smart device, is now being used in the biggest Soccer Competition in the World. Copa Telmex is a Mexican national football tournament that holds the Guiness World Record as the competition with the most players. The finals are being played now.

Six months ago the picture of a Referee using a smartphone to record match events and give yellow cards created a lot of buzz in the sports technology world. But it turns out that this is only the visible "tip" of the invention, and the real play has to do with live statistics.

During the Telmex Cup finals, the referees decisions and match stats of all kinds are being piped live from the Referee Pro smart device to Facebook and Twitter, where fans and family of the players can follow the action play-by-play. Mexican fans can follow their team and recieve notifications of goals, yellow cards, and other stats direct from the "Digital Referee". Thousands of amateur players from humble local teams are getting a full professional recording of their data - how many minutes they play, their goals and fouls, how their team performs etc. This is something that could not possibly be economically achieved outside of wealthy professional leagues before Referee Pro came into play.

"Soccer is way behind other sports in terms of statistics, especially outside of the top professional leagues" Said Ed Maklouf, founder of Siine, the startup that produces the software. "Referee Pro is really bringing that quantified performance approach into the most popular sport in the world, and soon kids playing in the streets in Indonesia are going to be able to see and interact with their statistics over time, thanks to this invention."

Siine, a startup funded by Niklas Zennstrom's Atomico Ventures, are most famous for their Android Keyboard app. Referee Pro is an application of their communication platform technology into the Sports domain that has been embraced extremely fast by Soccer leagues, referees, and players.

Luis Fridman, the Football expert who runs the project, said: "Until now only professional players and leagues have enjoyed the luxury of real-time coverage and statistics. But amateur football is the most popular sport in the world, played by around half a billion people worldwide. So just like joggers and runners who use fitness bracelets to see how many paces they have run, Referee Pro enables players to see their performance over time because stats like goals scored, time on the field, and yellow cards are counted automatically."

Goal line technology has taken Soccer 15 years to implement, but Referee Pro has been adopted in a matter of months. The impetus is probably because Referee Pro provides immediate and rich statistical reporting of games in real time, as well as helping the referee improve game flow. Social networks can take a feed direct from the pitch - so there is no faster or more efficient way to track the action.

More information/interviews write to:luis@refereepro.com