Flirting Set

These siines will put a bit of oooh la la in your texts. Watch out for that fine line between flirty and dirty ;). A boring text is a vibe-killer, these siines will keep it fresh.


- baby
- baybeee
- babe
- beautiful
- lovely
- most beautiful girl ever
- sexy
- you sexy thing
- you ultra-sexy beast
- sweetie
- my sweet
- sweet thing
Miss me
- do you miss me?
- do you miss me like crazy?
- do you miss me so much it hurts?


Love you
- I love you
- I love you love you love you
- I love you so much - more than anything else
Miss you
- I miss you
- I really miss you
- na na NAA NA nana na girl I miss you
No cheat
- you better not be cheating on me
- thinking about you
- think about you all the time
- can't stop thinking about you
Go out
- lets go out sometime
- would you like to go out some time,