How to install

Enable Siine

Open Siine Application on your Android device. Select "Enable Now" (This screen can be reach directly during the initial download process, or by opening Siine from your application list after download).

Select Siine

Select Siine keyboard as your input method from your list of keyboard options.

OK Siine is safe

A message will appear regarding data collection. This is an automatically generated message from Google anytime a user installs any keyboard application. Siine is very respectful of user privacy and we are an ethical company (please feel free to view our Privacy Policy.

Hit Back Key

After confirming OK on privacy, hit back key on your device.

Select Siine

Press Select Siine on your device.

Change Input Method

Select Siine as your new input method. Scroll through tutorial to learn the basics of using Siine or exit application and start using Siine by opening any application that uses a keyboard: Whatsapp, Facebook, Google, etc.