The Concept

We are what we text. Phones are now used more for texts than calls and so our messages project our personality. The Siine Team recognized this and thought keyboards should be as individual as we are - that's why we built Siine.

The keyboard is now the lead interface for human interactions. Every day we use the keyboard for typing emails, texting and with other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Google. Although technology has evolved at a rapid pace the keyboard has remained relatively unchanged.

However, with the proliferation of touchscreen devices, an opportunity to innovate the keyboard has emerged. Siine is taking advantage and ultimately aims to make the typing experience more natural, personal and fun.

The Features

Siine is an intuitive keyboard that absorbs your personality and style. Innovative features make familiar tasks, like writing about time, a lot easier to do. Editable icons and artificial intelligence mean Siine also adapts to each user's texting style. In addition to creating your own style, you can also discover and share new slang with friends in the Siine Gallery.

With features that make typing a breeze and the special added ingredient of your style, Siine takes texting into new worlds. Your words and phrases are part of who you are - now they can be part of your keyboard too.