Tips, tricks and support for using Siine.

How to install Siine


Is Siine safe?
When installing a third-party keyboard such as Siine, Google Android users are warned with the following message: "Attention: This input method from Siine Keyboard application may collect all the text you type, including passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data. Continue?" This statement is a legal protection from Google regarding third party keyboard input method. This does NOT apply to Siine Keyboard. Siine does NOT collect passwords, credit card number, keystroke or any content of your messages. View our Privacy Policy
Where is the shift key?!!!
Siine Keyboard doesn’t have one! We will provide it in next update. For now, hold down the key for capitals.
How do I delete / erase?
The delete key is on the bottom right. You can tap on it to delete letter by letter, or wiggle your finger on it to Sexy Delete!
Are there shortcuts to words?
Tapping R, U, T or Y then pressing the space key will automatically give you the words Are, You, The or Why. Go to settings to disable them.
How do I edit / remove / move a Siine?
Hold down on a Siine to see the menu